• “Your lecture was a real inspiration”

    I was fortunate enough to hear you speak at the BACD conference. Your lecture was a real inspiration and has provided me with exciting ideas as I try to slowly build my own 'niche' practice in my home town of Liverpool, England.
    Thank you once again for providing such and enjoyable and informative day

    Adam Ascroft

  • “Extremely easy to understand, informative and entertaining.”

    At last! After attending several occlusion lectures over the last couple of years and leaving non-the-wiser it is all starting to make sense! Thank you very much for a fantastic presentation by yourself and Dave, both extremely easy to understand, informative and entertaining.
    Many thanks!

    Clare Quinn

    BACD Full Member

  • “One day was greater than 13 years!”

    Incredible,  I learned more from Dr. Bruce and Dr. Newkirk in one day about the blend of occlusion and aesthetics than I have learned in 13 years.

    Let me know where you will be next and I will be there.

    Thank You!

    Wayne Hall

    Manchester, UK

  • “One line reviews on Functional Aesthetics Lecture”

    • Best occlusion lecture I’ve been to, and I’ve been to quite a few!  Thank you
    • Superb and mind-blowing, truly excellent

    • Will greatly contribute to my skills and understanding of subject

    • Excellent, pearls of wisdom

    • I learnt more this morning about TMJ clicks and their diagnosis than in nearly three decades in dentistry

    • Totally outstanding lecturers and superb presentation.  The content delivered was totally relevant and useful and will be very valuable to me.  These guys are probably the best I’ve heard on the subject

    Speaker Evaluation Form Comments

    BACD Fifth Annual Conference, 13th – 15th November, 2008